Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Area 44

fun fact for the day:

the part of our brain that interprets sound is labeled 'area 44'.

what better name for a band full of sci-fi geeks or better yet a recording studio?!

Let me explain a little bit... You know when you hear fingernails run down a chalk board? Even now you might be cringing a little bit at the thought... Once the sound goes into your ear, it travels to your brain... a specific place in your brain that interprets the sound as irritating or uncomfortable. The same happens when you hear a beautiful bird singing, except instead of cringing you probably smile and feel warm and happy. Unless you're a really unhappy person... then birds chirping could make you cringe and feel uncomfortable. That's another blog for another day.

Some areas in your brain have scientific names related to the specific function that takes place there. But other areas are simply labeled with a number. Area 44 is one of the numbered areas. My brother read this in Discover magazine (I think?) some fifteen(+) years ago and decided it was the perfect name for a start out high school band. He has since named his recording studio the same and one could say he now professionally makes fingernails running down a chalk board sound like birds chirping. Although luckily for him, he works with a lot of great song birds.

Take a moment and check out his site (! He's worked with greats such as Richard Marx, Josh Grobin and Dennis DeYoung.